What's on your calendar today?
What isn’t! Each day is new, different, and insane, but always exciting. 

Ideal Saturday?
Just being with my family, taking a bike ride, sitting on a beach.

Where do you find design inspiration?
Definitely travel, which I do a lot of for work. I love a good flea market for inspiration and of course, art!

Must-have airplane snack?
Almonds or a protein bar

Favorite winter accessory?
Rebecca Minkoff jacket

Book currently in your carry-on?
I choose to use my time on the airplane to either sleep or design. Books are something I fantasize about… 

Preferred form of exercise?
Session with my personal trainer Kelvin at BSF twice a week

Best advice you’ve ever received?
No is just the beginning of yes. 

Currently streaming…?

Best vacation you've ever taken?
When a few friends and I rented a gullet in Turkey. A week in a boat, sailing along the coastline, with the freshest food imaginable. 

Typical morning routine?
Breakfast with my kids and then I take them to school

East Coast or West Coast?

Most used emoji?

Cause or issue closest to your heart?
Human rights abuses

Your swear-by-it beauty product?
The mineral drink Restore. The amount of pesticides in the food we eat actually causes little holes in your gut; this drink heals them.

Zodiac sign?

When you were seven, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A dancer

Best spot for a coffee fix?
Brooklyn Roasting Company

Weirdest job you’ve ever had?
Ice cream scooper

Three women you want to be when you grow up...
Ageless like my mom, fabulous like my friend’s 96-year-old diva of a grandmother, and loving life as myself

Favorite thing about the Rebecca Minkoff x FEED Collection?
It's fashion that actually does a whole lot of good