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On September 20th, the day of the nationwide environmental protests and walkouts, we closed down FEED HQ and headed to the local beaches for a cleanup with Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit environmental org that works to protect and preserve our oceans, waves and beaches nationwide.

Our small, but mighty, team of participants spread out over a few hours (wearing our National Geographic Swingpacks, of course!) with our bags and gloves.

As we walked on a beach that appeared almost pristine, we began to find countless pieces of plastic, balloon fragments, bottle caps, glass and cigarettes. As Surfrider explained, these are nearly impossible for any beach sweepers to pick up, but they're also the ones that animals often mistake for food. 

At the end of the morning, we had picked up over 300 cigarette butts, 150 bottle caps and a myriad of plastic shards, paper, straws, metal beer caps and even a few socks. 

If you'd like to volunteer with Surfrider Foundation, check out their site to learn more! They are entirely volunteer-run and not only organize beach cleanups, but do advocacy work as well, to collect and publicize data that might help push for lasting legislative reform. 

Our day at the beach was a great reminder that we can all contribute, in so many ways, to the fight for our planet. 


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