It’s the beginning of February (aka, the dead of winter). Half of the office is doing whole30, the other half is still trying to establish a healthy (and warm) baseline, after all of the eating we did over the long holiday season. If you need evidence, there was an entire gifted basket of baked goods that hit the office kitchen a few weeks ago and not one person touched it – that’s really all you need to know about where we are.

We polled the office to find out what specific tips and tricks everyone is following to generally stay well, happy and motivated through the winter months.


Restorative Yoga in the evening is my favorite wellness trick. I am a better version of myself when I make it a habit. I sleep better, am in a better mood and I feel a physical change in my body.  – Jenny, senior production manager

À la Emily Chung (our design assistant), I have been drinking a daily cup (or two) of ChoripDong Korean tea. It tastes amazinggg and helps fend off illness, which is really needed this time of year! – Emily, senior designer.

One of my resolutions for the new year is to write in my journal once or twice a week. I find that the act of physically putting pen to paper about my days has been relaxing for my mind and body - and a good way to process my thoughts. –Emily, design assistant

I limit my screen time an hour before bed and pick up a book. Creating that boundary helps me wind down and get a more restful sleep. – Sarah, graphic designer

Each morning I step onto my reflexology mat while I remove makeup, floss etc. It has been a great way to balance my energy and relieve stress before I get my day going! – Sara, ecommerce manager

I use a 'one sentence a day' journal in the evening, it's a quick and simple way to reflect and collect my thoughts each day  – Camille, merchandise planner

Oprah's Super Soul Conversations on my commute to work has been a game-changer for my mental state. By the time I arrive to the office the stresses of my day have been put in perspective of what's really important. – Lindsey, marketing director

Hot pilates is my go-to solution to keep moving (and warm) during the months when it’s very difficult to find gym motivation. I also love a bubble bath. – Megan, marketing associate