Join the #FEEDSupperChallenge to Support Neighbors Facing Hunger

Hunger is a massive issue that is impacting families and communities around the world, as well as here in our backyards. Despite being the world’s greatest food-producing nation, there are over 40 million neighbors across the United States who face poverty and hunger every day.  Food insecurity and hunger touches people from all walks of life and it’s closer than you think – your next door neighbor, child’s classmate, or even coworker may not know where their next meal will come from.

As a result of underemployment, stagnant wages and rising costs of living, millions are struggling. More than 40 million people turn to Feeding America for support, including 12 million children and 7 million senior citizens. 

FEED, Nextdoor, and Real Simple are proud to launch the #FEEDsupperchallenge as a rallying cry for neighbors to come together around the issue of hunger, especially as we head into the holiday season – a season of plenty, a time for reflection, and a time to give back. 

The FEED Supper Challenge will run between Oct 16th and November 30th (see below for rules & prizes). We believe food has the power to bring many together and together we have the power to bring food to many. By hosting a FEED Supper – which can be as simple as pizza with friends or as organized as your Friendsgiving dinner – you will raise funds that will go directly towards providing much-needed food and nutrition to our neighbors in need, through our giving partner Feeding America.

To commemorate World Food Day and kick off our challenge, FEED, Nextdoor, and Real Simple brought together New York City neighbors, city leaders, and influencers for a conversation about how hunger is affecting our communities and how we can work together to combat it. The conversation was at its core, hopeful. There are incredible groups working hard every day to combat hunger and cyclical poverty. By bringing these voices together – and by raising our voices to get the word out and get involved – we believe we can create lasting change. 

“It’s a tremendous honor to partner with FEED to support those facing hunger in our neighborhoods,” shared Sarah Friar, CEO of Nextdoor. “The food crisis that is impacting millions of Americans is a huge societal challenge and, as we see on Nextdoor every day, it’s often the neighbor who extends a helping hand to someone in need that truly sparks lasting change. We hope this challenge will inspire more neighbors to come together in local communities across America to make a true difference.” 

Since neighbors are key to sparking change, we were excited to include the voices of New York locals who have been working to make a difference in their communities and ultimately, build stronger communities along the way. Margarette Purvis, President and CEO of the Food Bank for New York City, and Christine Quinn, President and CEO of Win, joined us for an inspiring panel to discuss how neighbors everywhere can participate in the fight against hunger.

“Hunger is a solvable problem and it is up to us to take a stand for those struggling – from those we may never meet, to our friends and neighbors who may be in need,” says Lauren Bush Lauren, CEO and Founder of FEED.  “We won’t solve this overnight, but if we all do a little, it will go a very long way.”

So we ask you to join the FEED movement and support those facing hunger in our communities by participating in the #FEEDSupperChallenge.  Turn your Friends-giving or next pot-luck dinner into a fundraising FEED Supper. Instead of asking your guests to bring a bottle of wine or dessert, ask them to donate to your fundraising page – even $5 or $10 goes a very long way. 

In addition to raising awareness and providing meals for neighbors in need, three lucky participants will have the chance to win a FEED Home Luxe Crate (filled with pieces from our new FEED Home Collection- coming soon) as well as a year’s subscription to Real Simple by entering* via Nextdoor, Twitter, or Instagram.

To participate via Instagram:

  1. Follow @Nextdoor on Instagram
  2. Post a photo or video of your FEED Supper moment (could be cooking, gathering or setting the table, it’s up to you!) 
  3. In the caption, tell us why fighting hunger is important to you and tag #FEEDSupperChallenge, @Nextdoor, @Real_Simple, and @FEED

Thank you for bringing your neighbors together and joining us in the fight against hunger

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