One of our most popular posts ever was last year's Valentine's Day DIY, which is still a great idea, btw. This year, to commemorate team FEED's favorite holiday, our creative team concepted the *cutest* DIY banners, which can be printed and hanging on your wall in fewer than five minutes (It's true; we tried it.) The banners allude to the internal conversations that inspired the design of our new Love Bandana and Perfect Pairs Valentine's Day gift guide, simply paraphrased: to get love, we have to first give it. Basically, all you need is a hole punch and some string to make your own love inspo...


1. Heavy paper (we used white cardstock)
2. Hole punch
3. Scissors
4. String


1. Print the design template on paper of your choice
2. Cut along the dotted lines
3. Hole punch along the dotted lines
4. String
5. Hang together, or share one with a friend