LBL here for my June take-over of The Daily FEED. Is anyone else feeling like it was just January? I have no idea how we are six months into the year (call it the new mama blur), but all of a sudden, I am feeling the need for some fresh sources of inspiration both in and out of the office. In talking to friends, I’ve concluded that I am not the only one feeling this right now. Rather than muse alone on the subject, I thought it would be fun to ask Team FEED to share one thing that has inspired them lately. As always, they really delivered, and I’m already making a new list of things to try this month. Hope you enjoy their ideas as much as I did!

Jenny, VP of Marketing
Beyonce’s Lemonade. Needless to say this is my current commute, gym, work....everywhere anthem!

I also loved Amy Cuddy's TED Talk a few years ago on "power posing," and her latest book, Presence, is just as chock full of actionable insights to make you feel like your confident, best self heading into a stressful situation, big presentation or even just your every day schedule of meetings, conversations or networking.

Melissa, Senior Manager of Sales
I am all about the Portraits exhibit at The Whitney right now. I've gone to see it a few times. Each time I go back, I discover something that I hadn't noticed in my last visit. 

Had to squeeze my (Lauren) pick in here too!
Asking the team this question challenged me to think of something too. My pick is Seedlings, a class about childhood development, which has been both fascinating and helpful. 

Kirby, Art Director
I try to attend a creative lecture in the city at least once a month (Creative Mornings and AIGA are my go-tos). Listening to someone else's journey is really inspiring and gets me thinking.

Katy, VP of Operations 
I just returned from an Italy trip where I learned about wine-making traditions in Chianti and Piemonte. The vineyards have passed down the same process from generation to generation. I think it’s so cool that even in this age of technical innovation, the process remains mostly unchanged.

Emily, Designer
I find design inspiration for upcoming seasons in the moments and places that I often least expect to find it. The Paper app by 53 helps me ensure I never miss a beat when inspiration hits. I can draw anything, anywhere, without having to bring a sketchpad. It’s great for listing out to do's as well.

Kristina, General Manager
Taking the weekend to recharge is what keeps me inspired when work gets crazy. I have brunch plans at Egg Shop in Nolita on Saturday. They really know how to take something simple like an egg and create the most delicious variations of it. My favorite dish there is the Benedict Cruiser; the croutons are to die for! (But before brunch, yoga. I'm excited to try out FEED's new Yoga Tank.)

Katie, Marketing Coordinator
Nothing brightens my day quite like receiving a letter from a loved one. Though snail mail may be a thing of the past, I've resolved to write one letter a week to someone I care about. I've found that with each letter I write, my attention shifts from myself to the person at the other end of the mailbox.

Lindsey, Senior Marketing Manager
I feel most inspired by pushing myself out of my comfort zone to learn or try new things. My long-standing discomfort with public speaking prompted me to recently join Toastmasters. I gave my first speech last week, shaky knees and all, and came away feeling like I could conquer the world.

Jennifer, Production Manager
The first thing that comes to mind is this little interview with Emma Watson about her Met Gala dress being recycled. I’m constantly thinking about how to make our products as eco-friendly as possible.