We tapped one of our favorite globetrotters, FEED advisor Tascha Rudder, to spill on her must-have travel essentials.

Tascha's Seaside Tote, packed for travel

Lightweight Infinity scarf When I travel, I pare my look—and hence my packing—way down, which makes scarves a must. I’ve found them essential for trips when temperatures vary (we often find ourselves in desert or mountain locations, where heat tops 100 degrees during the day and drops significantly at night). They are also perfect when hair dryers and clean water aren't part of the plan. Notebook I’m never without one. I keep pen and paper in tow at all times to note particularly interesting hotels, restaurants, stores and markets for an Instagram share or future recommendation, and also to jot down creative ideas or musings to ponder more deeply in the future. Sunglasses Absolutely necessary when in places like Abu Dhabi, where the sun against the bright, electric white of the Grand Mosque, while beautiful, is blinding—or when you haven't slept after a 16 hour flight to Namibia. Two different kinds of "protection," but both key! Passport cover Lauren gifted the FEED team these passport covers when we traveled to Kenya and Rwanda together a few years ago. It’s of functional and sentimental value.Cause Book I always read a book that is set in the part of the world where I'm traveling for more insight into the local culture, history and challenges. Sadly, poverty exists and persists in many of the countries I’ve traveled to (from Cambodia and Sri Lanka to Ethiopia and Tanzania), so Jeffrey Sachs' seminal work is a title I go back to time and again. Monogramed Pouch One can never have enough pouches. If it's also personalized, all-the-better. A great makeup bag or catch all for keys, phone never leaves my bag.Doll My daughter, Nico, often sneaks little reminders of herself into my bags, especially right before I leave for a trip. Finding her little treasures always melts my heart and makes me smile.Protein Bar For obvious reasons.Necklace and earrings I’ll bring jewelry with me in case I go from day to night without a trip back to where I’m staying. The earrings were bought from a market during a trip to Sri Lanka and the necklace is one I designed with a local artisan when I was living in Cambodia. 

Bonus Questions:

Top three places you've traveled? Ethiopia, Namibia and Cambodia where I was lucky to live for three years. 

What are your travel essentials? Less is more (checking bags = hassle), so the must-haves are multi-use pieces like a scarf, a small bottle of detergent to hand-wash clothing for repeat wear and protein bars for on-the-go snacking, particularly when I find myself in the middle of nowhere, or with limited dining options. 

Most special piece you've brought home from a trip? The spirit house that we brought back from Cambodia after living there for several years is the most special pieces we have from our travels. From Phnom Penh to Soho, it totally fits our style and is an instant reminder of that special time in our lives.

Have you taken Nico on any international trips?Any tips for traveling with kids? I was pregnant with Nico when we moved to Cambodia so she was born in Singapore and then lived in Phnom Penh for her first few years. During that time we strapped her on our backs and took her everywhere, whether it was regionally to Thailand and Malaysia or back to the States to visit family and friends.

With my babe, the best "distraction" on flights was literally and most conveniently right under my nose. When I was breastfeeding, it was not unusual for Nico to hang out there for most of the flight. Whatever works! For international travel, my advice is to make sure to bring lots of wipes, kid-friendly hand sanitizer and snacks, particularly if you're traveling to developing countries. 

Why did you choose to travel with the Seaside Tote? What do you love about this bag? This tote reminds me of several countries I've visited whose artisans produce this kind of straw work. Morocco in particular comes to mind, so I love this style for an instant Marrakech vibe.