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How to cultivate kindness

Now, more than ever, we could all use a little kindness & positivity. We gathered up some of our best ideas for cultivating kindness. These are great to put into action right now, but they're just as powerful anytime. 

In the spirit of cultivating even more kindness, we'd love to hear from you, our incredible community. Join the conversation and share your best tips and tricks for spreading kindness, on Instagram. 


  1. Help your neighbors in need. Post on a community board, Facebook, or leave a physical note in your building or neighborhood offering to pick up groceries or prescriptions or just chat (at a safe distance, of course).  
  2. Organize an activity that you would normally do IRL, over video chat! For example, Team FEED gathered for a virtual happy hour yesterday at 5pm. You could host a movie viewing, book club, or even a dinner party, virtually!
  3. Call your mom. Always, but specially now, call your mom, dad, sister, BFF, neighbor, etc. It’s a simple act, but it’s almost guaranteed to inspire a smile. 
  4. Set up a recurring donation for a cause you believe in. The ultimate act of kindness is helping others in need, take a little time to make that recurring donation you’ve been meaning to set up. 
  5. Cook! Or learn to cook! And if you have someone to share a home cooked meal with, do it! We promise they’ll love it. If you need some ideas, start with this simple one from Sarah Copeland, on our blog. 
  6. Write someone a letter. Everyone loves snail mail. Send a love note, letter, or postcard to your friends and family.
  7. Support your local restaurants, cafes and shops. Call your favorite date night spots, coffee shops and boutiques and buy a gift card to use at a later date. 
  8. Missing a friends birthday IRL? Send a cute care package or gift or better yet, make a donation in their name to your local food bank. 
  9. Small, everyday acts of kindness. It's often those that mean the most. Say thank you, smile, tip your grocery store staff or delivery person. 


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