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Letter from Lauren: December

The end of the year is here again and the end of another incredible year at the helm of FEED – we'll be entering our 17th year in 2024, which is unbelievable!

This season brings festivities, lots of running all around the city, travel, shopping, family time, and if you have
the time to squeeze it in, a bit of reflection on the past year.

For us at FEED, a critical part of this reflection is giving thanks and giving back. I'm endlessly proud of this community for helping us make a difference in the global fight against childhood hunger. With your purchases, you help us support our giving partners on the ground who are doing life-saving, groundbreaking work running and implementing school meal programs, so thank you.

As we close out the year and take stock
of our many blessings, I wish you a happy, healthy, and joyful holiday season – see you in the New Year!

On a Mission: 

Every holiday season we help provide Thanksgiving Meals to New Yorkers in need through the Bowery Mission. I’m so proud to say that this year was no different and we helped provide hundreds of meals, made with love.


The incredible Dr. Becky Kennedy, the incredible, clinical psychologist and parenting expert behind Good Inside. She provided some timely insights into parenting in the holiday season (and all year round).


I was never a big breakfast person, but now, after being pregnant three times and voraciously hungry most of those pregnancies, I rely greatly on a healthy breakfast to kickstart my day. I rely greatly on a healthy breakfast to kickstart my day. Usually my breakfast consists of eggs over easy or scrambled with a side of whole wheat toast. My favorite hack from the last year is to Rockerbox Everything Bagel seasoning to the top of my eggs, which makes the whole breakfast more flavorful and delicious. My youngest, Rocky, always requests it on his eggs as well. 

How I Wear it:


The holiday season in New York City goes hand-in-hand with a lot of schlepping. My XL Market Tote has been by my side nonstop, filled with gifts, groceries, etc. It’s also a great travel companion.


Small brands I shopped & gifted this season include: Armra Colostrum (amazing, immunity boosting supplements), Flamingo Estate (great soaps, lotions, and candles made using farm-fresh ingredients), Grace Farms (coffee and teas), Etsy for homemade Christmas tree ornaments, & the yummiest brownies from Gods Love We Deliver.

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