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Protecting SNAP: The 2023 Farm Bill 

The Farm Bill is our nation’s largest and most important piece of food & farming legislation. It’s passed by Congress every 5 years and impacts access to healthy meals for millions of families and kids facing hunger. 

The single largest program authorized by The Farm Bill is SNAP, which helps enable families to afford the nutritious food they need. Around 40 million Americans participate in this program – including 1 in 5 kids – making it one of our nation’s most powerful tools to end hunger. 

The 2023 Farm Bill is a critical opportunity to protect (and strengthen) SNAP.  While the economy continues to recover from the pandemic and food prices remain high due to inflation, it’s more important than ever that SNAP benefits aren’t cut or restricted. 

As a brand that has remained dedicated to ending hunger for over 16 years by supporting partners on the frontlines of this fight, we know how important these programs are to successfully tackling hunger.  

So what happens next and what can you do? 

Members of Congress have until September 30th to pass a new Farm Bill or file an extension. As they work on drafting and negotiating the bill, you can tell them how important it is to you and your community that they protect SNAP. 

Call, write, or email your lawmakers and voice your opinion. Head here for help from our partners at No Kid Hungry contacting your members of Congress. 

Here's what you can say: 

“Hello my name is [x] and I live in [x], I am reaching out to urge you to push for a bipartisan Farm Bill that protects & strengthens SNAP. This program supplements a family’s food budget and is a safe and effective way to feed children. I ask you to protect kids by preserving the value of these SNAP benefits and fight against any cuts to the program. I urge you to seek opportunities to make the program stronger – kids are counting on you.”

You can also get the word out on social media, feel free to share our post to your story, tag your friends, local representatives, and community members. 

Thank you for raising your voice and asking Congress to prioritize a bipartisan Farm Bill – kids around the country are counting on it. 

References: Protecting SNAP: 2023 Action Kit, No Kid Hungry

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