2022 Sustainability Goals & Updates

At FEED, we’re proud to design with the planet in mind. This means that we produce mindfully, making goods designed to last, with an emphasis on natural, certified Organic, and recycled materials.


But our sustainability efforts don’t stop there. We have some big, important goals to achieve, so we can keep making goods that are better for our planet – and for the people on it.

Planet-friendly Packaging

In 2021, we redesigned our packaging to be 100% post-consumer recycled and recyclable. We’re working towards expanding this to our entire supply chain.

Sustainable Materials

In 2022 so far, over half of our assortment is made from GOTS certified Organic cotton or rPet (recycled, post-consumer plastic that has been melted & turned into fabric). By 2023, our goal is for these materials to make up 75% of our assortment.


  1. We prioritize low waste, sustainable materials like genuine, semi-vegetable tanned leather, Organic cotton, and rPet. By 2023, we plan to add a sustainable, vegan leather to our offering.
Brown | Front of brown organizer tote with feed tag.

Bag Recycling

  1. By 2023, FEED will provide a solution for responsibly recycling your bags with us, when you are done carrying them.

Bye-Bye Plastic

  1. By 2025, FEED aims to use zero virgin plastic in our products.