Referral Terms & Conditions

  • Referrer: Anyone can refer a friend, even if you have not previously purchased on You cannot refer yourself, even with a different email. There is no limit on how many times you can refer-a-friend, but you must comply with up to date SPAM laws (emails must be sent in personal manner and not mass distributed to list serves) 
  • Friend (the person being referred): To use the unique "friend" promo code, you must be a first-time customer and use this code for your first purchase. The code will not work on your second purchase.
  • This program is valid only in the US and for purchases on You may not redeem your refer-a-friend code by placing an order over the phone or at the FEED Shop & Cafe. 
  • You may not stack promos. If you use your unique refer-a-friend promo code, you will not be able to combine with another promo code.