The Work Collection
As seen on Brittany Bellizeare,

1. What does work look like for you these days?

These days I have been working on the off-Broadway premiere of Charly Evon Simpson's new play Sandblasted. Performances are at Vineyard Theatre, co-produced by WP Theatre and just closed on March 13th! So my days have been filled with work that I have truly enjoyed.


2. What is your favorite part of your daily routine?

When I am working on a play or tv show its PERFORMING; however, listening to my body is my favorite part of my daily routine. What my body needs is different on a day to day basis. Sometimes it's rest, sometimes it's exercise, sometimes it's getting outside in the sun or fresh air and sometimes it's eating something comforting... when I am in tune with myself and have successfully listened to my body, I feel accomplished!



50 Meals

3. How would you describe your personal style in three words?

Colorful, simply unconventional and sometimes preppy w/ a flare


4. What are three things you always have in your work bag?

  1. 1. Cocoa butter lip balm
  2. 2. Cosmetic bag with mascara and a bold lip color
  3. 3. An extra phone charger


5. What cause or issue drives you? How do you get involved & help make a difference?

Black Lives Matter, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, supporting Black-owned businesses and other businesses that support the greater good, supporting the higher education of people who look like me, as well as diversity and inclusion (to name a few). There was a time when I participated actively in protests and rallies, but lately I find myself supporting monetarily and being more intentional and aware of where my money goes; Doing my own research so that I am purposeful in my own revolution and how I can be a change-agent. And when I am not working on a project, I am working with an organization that delves into diversity in the workplace and I have also facilitated my own conversations around race. Dialogue is so important!