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As seen on Corinna & Theresa Williams, Co-Founders, Celsious Laundry

1. What does work look like for you these days?

C + T: On a regular day, we get to Celsious, our eco-friendly laundromat in Williamsburg, around 8am and start the morning off with a breakfast meeting. After that, we check in with our team and then divide and conquer between the needs on the laundry floor, of our online retail and our growing garment care business. Fortunately, we are renting a space above the laundromat, which has turned into somewhat of a nursery space for baby Lila. Throughout the day, we get some mom and auntie time in. Since we haven’t been hosting any events at Celsious the past couple of years, we usually get to go home in time for family hangs and hobbies.

2. What is your favorite part of your daily routine?

C: Coming home and playing with my daughter, Lila
T: Coming home and indulging in my hobbies: playing the harp, knitting, reading

3. How would you describe your personal style in three words?

C: Utilitarian, simple, timeless
T: Also utilitarian, minimalist, conscious

4. What are three things you always have in your work bag?

  1. T: Laptop, keys, shea butter (I always have dry hands and lips)
  2. C: Keys (if I don’t forget them at home), various notebooks, baby snacks & toys

5. What cause or issue drives you? How do you get involved & help make a difference?

C + T: We’ve always been interested in environmental causes, but – through our work at Celsious – have become particularly passionate about fighting plastic microfiber pollution. As a member of 1% for the Planet, every year we donate 1 per cent of the sales of our Celsious laundry care line to the Rozalia Project, which aims to clean and protect our oceans from non-biodegradable debris. All synthetic clothing sheds microplastics during the wash. As a laundromat, we are in the unique position of being able to advocate for and shape solutions to this problem: We’ve been working to offer consumer products like the Cora Ball and Guppyfriend to catch microfibers and reduce microfiber shedding of clothes in the washer. We’re incredibly excited to be introducing a new addition to our arsenal this Earth Month – a filter that attaches to your washing machine – and are excited to work on commercial solutions for our laundromat at the same time.

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